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Dear Laura,

Holidays are great, so far I have been to the dentist, on a lovely walk in the Autumnal sunshine and, treat of all treats to a cafe to do some knitting and crochet.
This also seemed like the perfect time to show you the new knitting style I have just learnt. Glen who is one of the awesome three cooks who make those great meals we have sometimes, told me about german style knitting. German style knitting who would have thought. Now this might not seem revolutionary to you, and in fact it might be how most people knit and I have just been knitting in the weirdest way ever but take a look it is ace.

So the first video is of me casting on:

This is my old style of knitting:

and here is the new German Style:

I still need some practice but it will save a lot of elbow pokes for the people who sit next to me whilst I knit.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lots of love



  1. I am a continental style knitter - largely because I crocheted first. I could never figure out knitting because all fo the videos of knitting were of English style knitting.

    and being able to knit both ways is great for stranded knitting

  2. someone once tried to teach me continental style, apparently it's much easier for left handers. I proved them wrong.........

  3. Continental style knitting gives me a headache, I don't think I have enough room in my brain to add another style of something I already do. You're obviously very clever. ;-)

  4. I knit continental- the ladies in my knitting group told me that it would be easier to learn that, coming from crochet and being left handed. It makes more sense to me than English style, but it's still not really easy. Crocheter at heart, I guess.

  5. I found the knit row quite easy, and faster, but purling defeated me. I have a friend of Danish descent who learned from her mum and her hands are a blur when she's knitting, and she's not looking either!


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