Birthday Giveaway WINNERS!

Dear Readers,

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and your support, we were both touched by all the lovely  things you said. It looks like most of you are romantics because one of the most popular posts was "the story of a sewing machine
Which was of course given to Laura by her then boyfriend and now hubby D. How could you resist a man who bought you a sewing machine! You were all very kind and mostly said you liked the blog the way it is, so we will take that as a sign to keep wittering on to each other and showing off our knitting, sewing and thrifty finds. 

And now after all that, I have been taking my time haven't I... drum roll please.... the winners are....

PJ who can be found at Knit and Go
Tess who can be found at Driftwood

The Knitted Home along with the woolen goodies goes to PJ and Scandinavian Needle Craft along with the material goes to Tess.

PJ wrote: Hi,I'm Pj, Happy blog birthday! my fave post is: Autumn Boneyard (this was actually written by Kelly at handmade at home we are big fans of Kelly, so although we would love to take credit, it was all her!) I love these books, I would like to win the Knitted Home book. Thank you for the chance to win!

Tess wrote: happy happy birthday. I hope there will be cake, birthdays always need cake. and congrats on the followers too. I've just had lots of fun looking back at some of your posts, how can I possibly choose just one, I am awe inspired by the dress making, drooling over the knitting, reminded that I Must make the beetroot brownies today, and happy to have found your friendship through your blog.

Below are some of the other posts that you mentioned
Cranford Knit a Long Series
The Great Untamed Octopus                       Half Way

Thank you so much for your support over that last year, we have had a lot of fun, met lots of new exciting people and are both looking forward to another year of crafting and blogging.

Lots of Love 
Annie and Laura



  1. Congratulations PJ and Tess!

  2. wooo hooo thankyou xoxoxo and I love your "best of" links x

  3. Hi!thank yoi very much!!I'm so happy to win this blog candy!!It's my firs...
    bye bye

  4. well done to the winners! bit confused how i got such a mention but it's good to be appreciated!


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Annie and Laura x

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