autumn skies cowl

Dear Annie,

The heavenly yarn that D brought back for me from Purl Soho has now become a snuggly herringbone cowl. At first, I found the herringbone stitch a little tricky, but once I picked up speed, this was a remarkably quick knit, given that it took four skeins of yarn.

Soft, warm and as deep grey as the Autumn skies. 

To my delight, it only took four skeins of yarn, rather than the five specified in the pattern so now, not only do I have a cosy cowl, I also have a skein of yarn left to knit these mitts. Marvellous.

I am hoping that Emma at Silverpebble and Mrs Thrifty Household will let me include this cowl in their first Making Winter week. I've called it the Autumn skies cowl, but it's set to warm me through the winter...

The details of the cowl are here on Ravelry.

Love from,



  1. my goodness that is beautiful!!

  2. Goodness, it's beautiful. It looks so soft! Your pictures are so lovely too. Thanks so much for joining in with us. It's turning out to be so much more fun than I anticipated.

  3. It's gorgeous! love that herringbone pattern and what a bonus that you'll get a pair of mittens too - perfect!

  4. That is so pretty. I want to do something similar. Herringbone stitch is something I have yet to try.

  5. That cowl is one of my all time favourite colours. I call it thunder cloud grey.
    I think you should add your cowl post to the Making Winter project linky-list-thingy over at Silverpebble, the more the merrier I say!

  6. Well hello, is this a world first .. showing your lovely face on the blog? So good to see who I've been extremely actively tweeting with the last day or two!
    Your cowl is beautiful, one of my fave colours too and, not quite so nice, the exact same colour of the skies outside my window at this moment!

  7. Yur cowl is beautiful and the yarn looks sooo soft and snuggly. Always good when you have a bit left over for something else. Juliex

  8. What a beautiful stitch, it looks so snuggly. It's going on the wish list!

  9. LOVE IT.
    Perfect size, colour, stitch, the whole shebang.
    I want one now!

  10. It's gorgeous! I especially adore the colour :D

  11. oh it's gorgeous, like a warm hug x

  12. Beautiful cowl, and the yarn looks so snuggly and warm!

  13. Hi - still working my way through last week's bloghop. Beautiful cowl - the grey looks so rich and warm. What a nice stitch to show off the yarn's texture.

  14. Do you have any advice for this one? I am working on it as a Christmas gift and want to tear out my hair! I am having trouble with tension. It gets really tight on the 2nd or so row even though I am casting on loosely, or at least I think I am? Please help!


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