Dear Annie,

Work in progress.  I have rather a few knitting and crochet WIPs on the go at the moment. Five, in fact. I am definitely starting projects much faster than I am finishing them. Perhaps it's the Autumnal weather.

I've been building my little pile of crochet flowers ready to make a garland for the yarnbombing project. Last week, I went along to a Wooly Wonderland meeting with some of the lovely local knitters. Rosee was there with her magic bag of freebie yarn so I was able to leave behind some  balls of stash yarn and come away with the above two balls of 4 ply to be made into flowers.

I'm not sure that I would have chosen to combine these colours, but as they were all scraps and freebies, I'm sure they'll work well enough to cheer up the cemetery railings.

My knitting fingers have been flying, working on my cowl. Addi Turbo needles really do seem to speed up knitting... that and the fact that I'm very keen to complete it and start keeping my neck warm, particularly since I saw this similar cowl in the Hush catalogue.

Love from,



  1. OK, I like the knitting bag, I like the wool & I love the cowl.
    I've always wanted thick, long, heavy, velvet curtains in that colour (thunder cloud grey I call it-I'm still trying to persuade Mr TH that the kitchen wall behind my granny plates needs to be that colour too...maybe I'll have better luck with the curtains?)

  2. I love the little flowers. I am certain they will bring cheer no matter where they end up. The cowl seems to be coming along nicely. I plan on making myself a hooded scarf out of some nice Homespun yarn very soon.


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