The Wild West

Dear Laura,
I am going to be a little self indulgent and post some holiday pictures today. Our trip was so much fun this country certainly has some scenery. We drove around and around and around, over 2000 miles, that is twice up and down from England to Scotland. We started in New Mexico, drove across and through the top of Arizona, up into Utah, over into Nevada dipping into California, back into Nevada through Arizona and then New Mexico. It was quite a trip.  I give you some taster photos here so as not to bore you too much.
 Shiprock a volcanic core (New Mexico)

 Monument Valley (Utah/Arizona boarder) near where Dr Who was recently filmed

 A quilt pattern and colour I liked

The Grand Cannon south rim, I felt sick from the shear cliffs when we were climbing down, mostly it was rainy but the rainbow and breaks of sunshine made up for it.

You don't only get a bible in your hotel room in Utah

 A natural arch in the Grand Staircase Escalante national park (Utah)

Bryce Cannon (Utah)

Over the mountains in Nevada to the gold mine

On the way to death valley a rather disturbing sight (Nevada)

Dust devils in Death Valley (California)

 Oh, that's right we took a surprise trip to Vegas due to severe weather warnings at yellowstone, we had to divert (Nevada)

Well now it is back to the grind. I have a photo album here if you feel the need to see more photos of my trip.

Lots of love



  1. You have me wanting to go to Utah now, such lovely scenery. I would love to see the photo album but the link didn't work ..

  2. We took a trip to Bryce and Grand Canyon, Vegas and Joshua Tree National Park in January and it was fabulous. Thanks for the lovely reminder.


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