Dear Laura,
You tweeted me whilst I was on holiday telling me about Socktober. After my success with the Cranford knit a long, I have alsorts of confidence. Having a good deadline to finish to and you knitting along with me, as well as a multitude of other people really spurred me on. So I thought yes, I want to do this as well. It is most likely going to be socktober moving into socktember, but with the leaves turning and the suns weaker rays pouring into the house, I am really in the mood for knitting (which is good because I don't think you are going to be knitting along with me on this one are you?). I wanted to use the wool I bought on holiday but I wasn't too sure what needle size to use. 
So I went to my local wool shop only to find, crushingly, that they have moved to the other side of town. I was devastated of course, that wonderful place down the road has now disappeared. After a bit of a sulk and a lot of disappointed faces, I persuaded R to stop at a chain crafting shop on our way home from the supermarket. There I matched my wool with the wool they had there and came to the conclusion that I would probably need an 8mm or 9mm needle. So I bought both. The 9mm was a circular, the 8mm was 5 double pointed. It was quickly obvious that the circular was too big for socks, so now I am using 8mm, it seems ok.
I am not using a pattern, I will make it up as I go along and write down the steps so that I can make the second one in the same way. I am definitely going to include cables. I saw these socks on ravelry the other day and love love love them. So I will certainly take some inspiration from those. 

There are still a few blooms in my garden so I will leave you with a picture of one of my zinnias. They are great, long lasting bright coloured blooms and require very little care and attention. 
and one of our roses which fit in so well with the autumnal colours that we have right now.
lots of love



  1. Love the colour of that yarn.
    Purple is a great colour for autumn. - I'm after some woolly tights in that shade, actually!
    Looking forward to seeing your sock progress!
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Plum purple... or maybe damson purple? How delightful. Keep knitting and smiling AND feeling confident; it's good for the soul!


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