Navajo Wool

Dear Laura,
I have been on holidays yipppeeee! Bascially the equivilant of going to France in the USA is to drive a squillion miles all over the country. On this occasion we travelled west, into cowboy country. Yee ha. There are still plenty of cowboys and plenty of Indians and plenty of open space. Having driven for a good few hours across scrub land as far as the eye could see we crossed the boarder into Arizona and there was a trading post (basically a service station).

The sign of life was too hard to resist so in we went.and to my surprise there in the back of the trading post was the most lovely selection of wool. 
Well my excitement got the better of me, and I couldn't resist but buy some. I totally regret not filling my suitcase with all the different colours now but I am pleased that I got this lovely dark red.
I think I will either make socks or a scarf with it. The wool I think is for weaving blankets and in the same trading post I found this book. 
Here is my favourite illustration from it. 
I want my own goat who will sit with me whilst I weave his wool.  

I love your mitts, they are absolutely beautiful. I am also looking forward to catching up on all the blogs I have missed this week.

Lots of love



  1. Please can I have a knitting goat?

  2. I want a goat to sit with when I knit too, my cat always chews my wool......

  3. What an absolutely wonderful opening photo. How exciting to get the chance to buy Navajo wool, on our recent trip to Canada I really regret not stopping to look in the native shops. I spent a year living in the Sates as a very young child and was given a small silver/turquoise ring which I really cherished. Only we were burgled when I moved to London many years later, the ring was taken and I still mourn its loss.
    Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent wasn't it? I love the wool and the image of the goat!!

    Kate x

  4. Oh no! I have a lovely turquoise and silver ring I love it. Hopefully one day you can come back to the wild west and get another one.


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