a little bit of green, to stop me feeling blue

Dear Annie,

As you know, of course, my hubby has been away in the US for the last week or so. The boys and I have missed him a great deal and it's felt like a bit of an uphill struggle at times. I've found that it's been the little things that have kept me cheerful. 

Green apples from my friend's tree, made into apple cake, served on a green plate. I have two favourite apple cake recipes. The one that I made here, which is a simple cake topped with apples, and this one- Sarah Raven's Kentish Apple Cake. It wouldn't win a beauty contest but it's a hearty, tasty cake packed full of apple and sultanas.

Finally, what could be more cheering than new yarn? I can't tell you what I'm planning to make because this is for my only (I hope) Christmas knit this year, and the recipient is an occasional reader. Like the Cranfords, it's a  p/hop pattern, and I think it will be a fun one to knit.

Can you believe that we've been blogging for almost a year now? I can feel a birthday giveaway approaching, can't you?

Love from,


Edited to add: Sarah Raven's Apple Cake recipe can be found here, and the other recipe (Nigel Slater's) here.


  1. Oooh I rather like the green plate, very cute! Just the right amount of chintz :)

  2. hmm, a little bit of cake on a bit of cath, how perfect for a pick me up when you are feeling blue.

  3. Mmmm, apple cake...I have a basket of apples...I think I shall have a baking session this evening! Cake, in my experience, is a great cure-all.

  4. I never usually know what to do with all the apples we're given- there's only so many apple crumbles one can eat, so this is perfect. I hadn't thought of apple cake before.

  5. Great minds think alike! My in-laws gave us a crate of apples and I am enjoying the challenge of not wasting them. I made apple muffins today with a swig of maple syrup and a few ounces of rye flour thrown in.

    Yes, it is indeed the small joys which keep us together when every muscle in your body is saying 'Grit your teeth, girl!'

    Your photos were truly uplifting.

  6. Nothing like the comfort of cake and this looks just the ticket. At least you know your husband is being well looked after - standing in for you! C.x

  7. The cake was delicious xxx


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