Dress a Girl Around the World

Dear Laura,
A little while ago a friend of mine recommended a post on Peggie's Pickles to me. It was all about "dress a girl around the world". This was just the best idea to me. I love the idea of being able to use sewing to do something which might be useful. It is of course a wonderful idea, basically turn a pillow case into a dress for a girl somewhere around the world.

I love sewing for people, I like trying to guess what they would like and I like being able to give something which I made, all the time thinking of them. Sometimes I get it right sometimes I get it wrong (a certain jumper for a certain young man is a good example of this) but it is always met with happiness, sometimes just laughing off the awfulness.

So this time I didn't know the person but I did have an idea that as a girl I liked to run around climb trees and generally cause mischief. I also liked big colours and patterns so with this in mind, I trawled the remnants bins at G street fabrics and found this awesome yellow 100% cotton fabric for $2.99 a yard (a bargin).
I also had this brown owl fabric which I haven't had the right project to use on yet. 

I knew I couldn't use my pillow cases as they are all thread bare and would break in an instant.

The pattern is ridiculously easy there are some on their home page but I used the one suggested on Peggie's Pickles which was written by Little Big Girl Studio. I also made sure my sewing was good because I wanted to make sure it didn't fall apart the moment it was worn. I hope she likes it whoever it is. 

 (sorry for the photos, they were taken just before work to catch the light, they managed that just not the focus)
So if you fancy making one too here is the website: Dress A Girl Around the World
Here is the address you can send the dress to:

Hope 4 Women International
2115 E Cedar St #3 
2115 E Cedar St #3

Tempe AZ 85281 
I am going to pack it all up and send it off on Saturday, I can't wait.

Lots of love



  1. What a fantastic idea. I love the fabrics you chose, they go so well together. I am sure the little girl will be over the moon with her new dress. xx

  2. That's such a great idea! I love the dress you made. Now I'm imagining the colours & designs of all the other dresses...

  3. Love the colours, I'm sure the new owner will love it.

  4. A lovely dress! Glad my challenge has inspired you, and hopefully your dress will do the same.

    If anyone in the UK wants to make a dress and send it to me as part of my challenge, you can contact me through my blog http://peggyspickles.wordpress.com/399-2/

    I'll then make sure the dresses get sent on to the charity.

    Thanks Annie!

  5. ooh lovely idea and lovely dress. I'm of to "visit" peggys pickles now.


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