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Dear Annie,

Happy Halloween! Just like you, we've been busy carving pumpkins. I took S to the greengrocers to pick them out and he chose a big one ("for me, because I am the big brother") and a tiny one ("for my baby"). D was in charge of carving, and of saving some of the pumpkin flesh to bake with later.

I was busy up in the attic room, sewing. The boys have been invited to a Halloween party this year. S and I were chatting about it the other week. "What will my costume be, Mummy?" he asked. "What would you like it to be?" I replied (somewhat bravely, given my limited costume-making skills). There was no hesitation. "A dinosaur!"

Thank goodness I had read this post by the lovely Lou, a fellow Bristol blogger. She's also the queen of Halloween - check out her last year's pumpkins! Anyway, I digress. Armed with a tail tutorial, I had a rummage around on Pinterest and found a hat that I could adapt to match. S and I went to the fabric shop together and he picked out the colours for his outfit. My sewing machine was not keen on the fleece and polyester, so it was a bit of  battle for a while but we got there in the end.

This was the trying-on session. For the Halloween party, I'll dress them in red, and perhaps even give some facepaints a whirl for S. A struggle as always trying to photograph my children- they move too fast!

Finally, the leftover pumpkin was used for some pumpkin and ginger cupcakes, decorated with very rustic spiderwebs. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would not approve, but thankfully my hungry boys are not so particular.

Love from,


PS: I hope that you are feeling better. Lots of love, as always, winging its way across the Atlantic to you. xxx


  1. Those are two seriously cute dinosaurs! I like all the pumpkin treats too but the dinosaurs win the day...

  2. Adorable costumes and the cupcakes look delicious! Enjoy this evening x

  3. Very sweet dinos! The cupcakes and pumpkins look amazingly yummy!

  4. WOW they look incredible! (much better than mine! ;0)- love the hats, genius!). Hope you had a great party.. Lou xxxx

  5. You are a very clever lady indeed. Bravo!!

    The cupcakes look very professional too.

  6. where oh where was your cupcake recipe from? we've got a pumpkin left over which i never got round to carving & would love to make some of these!
    great costumes too!


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