chocolate & beetroot brownies

Dear Annie,

Did I mention that it was National Baking Week? Of course I'd be lying if I claimed to need that as an excuse to bake twice in a week. This time, it was Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies. I know that you're not a beetroot fan (apart from R's Borscht, which D informs me is delicious) but you don't taste it as such, it just lightens the brownies (and makes the batter a fabulous colour!)

I used the Riverford recipe, substituting plain flour for the rice flour. Cake that counts as one of your five-a-day is always going to be a winner in my book. 

Love from,


PS: Check back in on Saturday, everyone - it's time for a grand celebratory   
 G I V E A W A Y day!!!


  1. Yum - they look good! And possibly a little healthier than my double chocolate muffins . . .

    Pomona x

  2. They look so good- I love the icing sugar decoration.

  3. chocolate, and gluten free. heaven. and I have some beetroot sulking in the garden that no-one wants to eat. a plan is hatching x

  4. oh these look even yummier... I am so going to do this recipe! Better wear an apron! x

  5. 1 of the 5 a day, that's the same excuse I use for carrot cake! Well, that and "frosting" is one of the main food groups.

    Looks lovely, I like the touch of pinkyness in the brownies.


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