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Dear Annie,

He's back! Thank goodness. It was a long fortnight, but we made it. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the hero's welcome that he received when we met him from the train (S running across the platform with outstretched arms, crying "Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!", R chortling away in his buggy, cooing "Dada" and "choo choo" alternately.) I have, however, managed to take a couple of pictures of the goodies that he sweetly brought back for me from the Big Apple, namely his trip -on my behalf- to Purl Soho.

Buttons. Fat quarters in blues and greens - he knows me well! And, as requested, some yarn. The most heavenly soft yarn that I have ever had the pleasure to touch.

Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyed. A truly luxurious yarn for a very indulgent knit. A Purl Bee Herringbone Cowl for me. I've got into the rhythm of the herringbone stitch and so I'm knitting as fast as I can, racing the onset of the cold weather. The yarn is a dream to knit with and it is going to be just gorgeous to wear.

Thank you, D my darling. More than anything, though, we're just thrilled to have you home.

Love from,


PS: Ravelled here.


  1. They are, indeed, most excellent presents! On Thursday, Mr TH is off to New York for 10 days...I'm already looking forward to his return & he hasn't even gone yet...

  2. Oh, what wonderful presents!! I would love to make a trip to Purl Soho!

  3. Excellent presents. So glad he brought a little of the Purl Soho magic back with him. C.x

  4. oh how exciting, i must say what a lovely hubby you have bringing you things back that are soo gorgeous x that yarn looks lovely x helen x

  5. how lovely & what fab goodies he brought back for you! x


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