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Dear Laura,

At wedding recently an American friend of mine got up and announced to a fairly heavily British crowd that she was going to sing. Having lived in England for sometime she fore warned the crowd and reassured them it was going to be ok. I am still very British, on halloween this year I will have lived here in the US for three whole years. I can't do an American accent, but I do say awesome a lot. I still quietly seethe when people push into queues or are rude or generally behave badly.  I of course would say nothing. Not only that but I am also terrible at telling my friends when they have hurt me or that they are the best people ever. A stiff upper lip and all that.

So I surprised myself somewhat the other day when talking to my boss I burst into tears. Now this was a mixture of tiredness and stress (and having gone in there without having had my morning coffee) but it took me by surprise. Obviously my boss let me get myself together and we talked about what was wrong. But now I have that nagging doubt that I should have kept it together for a couple more minutes and quickly headed into the loo to release that emotional build up in private.  I am not sure if this is a sign of becoming more comfortable with showing my emotions to people, or whether I am just losing the plot. Anyway, needless to say I haven't had much time for the crafting so I am going to show you what I am looking forward too and hopefully soon I'll get to get back to it!

Here are my socks...

Well yes they look rather like they did before but I can assure you I got to the ankle and decided that they were all wrong so unraveled up to the stretchy bit again!

Here is what I want them to look like
Also I am going to finish a dress for my niece that is made from the leftover material of my Hibiscus dress.

And because Halloween is just around the corner we are hopefully going to crave a pumpkin this year. So lots of lovely things to do, I can't wait, the nights are drawing in and the rain is back so knitting a cup of tea and a roaring fire would be just about perfect right now.

lots of love



  1. Oh I hope you're feeling better now... I had a bout of tears this week too, I think it can really do you good to open up to someone (even if it is your boss!). My boss is very good at recognising how I feel and often gets the tears, but I think it is so important to be open in the workplace. Please don't worry about it x

  2. I have a habit of crying when I'm particularly angry at work. I think it's the adrenaline going into overdrive. Good that you got it out there and talked about. And that you get some time to yourself to regroup soon. C.x

  3. I don't know how British society is but I do know that American society is extremely stressful and demanding. Sometimes it just gets to us (usually with the right circumstances). It happens to the best of us...really it does, because we care so much about doing a good job. I'm sure your boss has seen worse and done the same, I know I have and I definitely don't show my emotions.
    I hope you carve a pumpkin! I want to see it! =]
    Have a great weekend!

    Love, LeeAnn

  4. Sometimes its good to have a cry so that you know to deal with what's upsetting you. And its part of a managers job to deal with a few tears, that's why they get paid more! X

  5. I to feel like I have let myself down when I cry in front of people. however. when people do let themselves go in front of me I do not feel anything bad about them. don't worry.x

  6. I will burst into tears at anything - my family know that a present has been a real success if I cry! I think it shows you have a lovely, sensitive nature.

    Pomona x

  7. Well what lovely comments thanks so much! It is also good to know other people have been there too. It really is very lovely to have such great support thanks!

  8. On the crying front- I've cried in front of my boss & then wished I hadn't & felt really stupid about it. But, as I get older I realise that it's what makes you human. You weren't the first & you won't be the last! Cry on I say!

    P.S. I love hearing about the American V English stuff (my sister has lived in the states for 15 years now & I never tire of learning about the differences!)

  9. hope you have a better week next week, be gentle on yourself. x


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