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Dear Annie,

I've always been interested in yarn bombing... knitted graffiti, call it what you will. I love the idea of knitting (and crochet) being used to decorate the urban environment. It gives a subversive twist to the classic concept of graffiti, and there's a very appealing contrast between the hard surfaces of a city and the soft colourful nature of wool.

I know that you spotted some in DC once, but I've rarely seen it  here in Bristol (and certainly never when I had a camera to hand). You can imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered that there were plans for a yarnbombing project here in South Bristol, as part of the Front Room arts trail.

You can read more about the project here. Essentially, the idea is to decorate the local environment (starting with the lamp posts) with knitting and crochet for the arts trail week. There is also going to be a wildlife-themed woolly trail in the local historic cemetery.

I was delighted to be able to meet and get involved with a group of local knitters. One of the organisers, Rosee, works for The Knitter magazine and she had come with a big pile of donated yarn for us to use for the project. There's nothing like a big pile of yarn to get knitters excited! I immediately spotted two purple balls and got to work starting on a stripey strip of knitting, destined for a tree or a lamp post. It's very liberating, working on this kind of knitting- suddenly tension, gauge, mistakes, etc. become far less important- it's the colours and textures that are key.

I'm also working on something for the nature-themed cemetery trail. Last week I won a prize on Emma Lamb's blog- a pdf of her new pattern, a garland made of crochet flowers. What perfect timing! It's a great pattern, really simple for a beginner but pretty and very addictive. I'm busily hooking little flowers ready to string into a garland to decorate the cemetery railings.

The arts trail is in November, so I've got plenty more evenings of knitting and hooking ahead of me, and hopefully some of those spent chatting to other knitters. I'll let you know how we get on!

I couldn't write a knitting post without mentioning your fabulous Cranfords. They are brilliant! Astounding to think that this was pretty much the first knitting pattern you had ever followed...I suspect it won't be the last.

Love from,


PS: Garland Ravelled here

Edited to add: I've now put in a link to the rather marvellous yarnbombed trike that Annie spotted in DC. 


  1. Ooh, they're so pretty! I'm wanting to see some in Cambridge now...

  2. Hi! Beautiful little flowers... how lovely of you to do all that work to decorate the cemetery railings... I'd like to be a fly on the fence to see people's reactions..I'm off to take a peak at the pattern... thanks for the link :)x


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