Dear Annie,

In our house, we are forbidden from suggesting the idea that September is the start of Autumn; it's known as 'late Summer', apparently (I suspect that D likes to think he has a Summer birthday!) Luckily, the weather so far has been gorgeous. We've been out and about, enjoying the September sunshine. 

Meanwhile, inside, I've been casting on for a spot of September knitting. My first Ravelry knit along, making Cranford Mitts, which is a p/hop pattern. I'm using up some yarn from my stash, which is always satisfying. The idea is to cast on on the 1st September (which I managed) and cast off by the 30th (which I suspect I won't manage!). I'm hoping that I can persuade you to join me...

Love from,



  1. My Mum always used to say when the Galway races were on that the Summer was nearly over - they took place in mid-August! So think you're doing well with late Summer ice creams and the like. Cx

  2. What a fancy ice cream truck I guess ice cream man business is booming over there across the pond you should see what our ice cream men drive around in ! love your cute kiddos it is just funny that the ice cream truck caught my eye :)


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