Dear Laura,

The knitting isn't going quite as well as I had hoped...
Well that looks promising but weren't you further ahead than that last week? I hear you ask. Well yes and you will also notice that the bottom here is now a different colour. What could that mean, Well it means of course that I unpicked it all and had to start again. 

Here are the things I have learnt...

1. Over confidence comes before a fall - I was busy knitting away at the lacey bit not looking at the pattern. When I did finally returned to the pattern I realised that I had knitted way to much. I tried unpicking to the bit I needed but it all went sadly wrong and so I found myself unravelling the whole thing.

2. Blog posts reap rewards - In my last post I mentioned that I had knitted the bottom 8 rows in purl, and lucky for me the lovely lady at Stitchedtogether (I am sorry I can't find her name anywhere so she is the lovely lady from stitchedtogether, she is also from the East Midlands, hello East Midlands) reminded me that knitting in the round is different from straight. So when I started again I could make it right. So many many thanks for that. Also @darthKnitty had been keeping me sane with tales of her errors.

3. Don't watch Dr Who when knitting - I had just got back to the third section of the pattern when I got distracted by Matt Smith and lost count and had a small tantrum. I say small, it was best not to try to engage me in conversation for a couple of hours as I yanked at my knitting, nearly sobbed, swore I wasn't going to start again, and finally managed to get it back to the second row of pattern.

So there we are back at the very beginning which according to Julia Andrews, is a very good place to start. I just hope this is the last time I start.
Lots of love


p.s. look at these peppers/chilles we grew in the garden...


  1. I'm so sorry you have had to start again. That is gutting. But think how much quicker you will get at knitting the pattern now you've practice. Oh and my name is Chrissy ;-)

  2. That's what I love about blogging the support from your fellow bloggers. Your knitting looks well on the road to recovery and the produce form your garden is amazing

  3. Hello Chrissy, Starting again was a bit gutting (although there is a certain joy in unravelling knitting) but I was much faster the second time, until I got distracted! and the knitting looks much better this time.

    Thanks Caroline, I think the knitting is slowly getting there. We have discovered that squirrels don't eat peppers, figs or beans. So I am quite excited by these.

  4. Yey! Someone else who screams at wool...I'm avoiding wool for a while...
    Nice peppers! I'm stock piling them to make 'Spitfire Sauce'- great name eh?


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