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Dear Annie,

I think you've seen enough pictures of my Cranford knitting in progress. Hopefully I can manage to finish them before my next post. In the meantime, here are a few simple but precious things that I'm appreciating at the moment...

Emma Lamb has asked to see pictures of people's button stashes. As you know, I love buttons and I have quite a number of receptacles full of them in my craft space (jar pictured here and box here). These are my most precious buttons though. My Granny doesn't sew but she is a thrifty Yorkshirewoman and has saved spare buttons over the years. She kept them in an old tobacco tin of my Grandad's. When she moved house, she gave them to me and I love them for the tiny pieces of family history that they are. My favourite is the yellow sunshine button- I'm waiting for just the right project to use it...

My parents just returned from a trip to your side of the pond. To my delight, they brought back this illustration for me. It's a hand painted plate of clematis and fusia from The Ladies Wreath and Parlour Annual, published in the 1850s. They found it in a second-hand bookshop and quite rightly felt that I would like it.

Finally, a small piece of my very favourite Liberty print, begged from my mother-in-law's scrapbag. I'm thinking of using it for lining, or bias binding when the perfect project presents itself.

I hope that your knitting needles are flying this week. 

Love from,



  1. Lovely treasures Laura, and special memories that go with them too. That Liberty print is a beautiful one.

  2. LOVE that painting. Fuchsia always reminds me of childhood holidays in the west of Ireland. Think there might be some in my new garden. Gosh, what do I collect? I tried for a long time to put a label on this, but in the end I can be no more specific than to say 'pretty things'. Jugs, bowls, buttons, pictures, vases, hearts, things with circles on, stripey things, fabric... There is no end, really. C.x

  3. Hello lovely Laura... :)

    Thank you so much for entering my wee giveaway, I have some great news... you are a winner, yay!!!
    You can read my blog post here ~ http://emmallamb.blogspot.com/2011/09/and-winners-are.html
    Please do email me here ~ emmalamb[at]easy[dot]com ~ and I will send you your wee prize... :)

    Wishing you the most fabulous button filled day,
    Emma, x


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