one row forwards...two rows back

Dear Annie,

I love knitting but I do struggle to fit it in to my busy days, and when I finally sit down with my needles at the end of the evening, my inevitable tiredness means that I make mistakes. Sometimes, I wish that there was less life and more knitting, but ultimately I think that my knitting time is all the more precious because it consists of stolen moments.

So far, I've knit... and unknit... the first twenty-odd rows of my Cranford mitts several times. Last night, however, I managed to progress beyond the second pattern repeat, and my fingers seem to be settling into the rhythm of it, and the pattern is beginning to become visible.

Taking part in a knit-along has been an interesting experience so far. It's been motivating me to knit more, which is a good thing. However, it's easy to feel that it's a race (which I'm effortlessly losing). Slightly dispiriting when some knitters have already finished and I'm still only a few rows in! However, the sense of camaraderie is very positive- I've found that chattering on Twitter about my progress has been encouraging, as is the fact that when I get stuck, there are other, wiser knitters there who can support me through the tricky bits. 

I'm looking forward to hearing how you've been getting on,

Love from



  1. That's amazing. I can't do the clever knitting with the patterns at all - it's only knitting and purling for me so far.

  2. they are looking very pretty, but i know what you mean i'm now on my third attempt at knitting a little something for a friends new baby - but am worried the baby will have out-grown it by the time i'm finished!

  3. This looks super so far.
    I cannot knit at all, so admire all who can.

  4. Oh they look beautiful so far. I also love the way the cyber craft world is so helpful and encouraging. Have a gorgeous weekend.

  5. I could so easily have written the first paragraph myself, I started a jumper back in April but it has been untouched for months now. My sewing machine needs to go into 'hospital' this week so I think that should be my cue to pick up the needles again. Dreading it in a way actually, I'm not sure I know where I am in the pattern!

  6. By the way, how rude of me, your knitting looks lovely, gorgeous colours x


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