Honey Harvest

Dear Laura,
I am very excited because now the weather is turning it is time to harvest our honey. Cooler days mean that our little bees can't fly so far to forage and the flowers are dying down so there is less nectar and pollen out there for them to bring back to the hive. Soon we will have to close them up completely and hope that they can make it through the winter all on their own. I was thinking of knitting them each a little blanket and scarf and socks but I don't have needles small enough.
Anyway, let me show you the honey...
We managed to get 5 jars this year. I am assured that next year we will have mountains of honey because the bees will be able to start much earlier. But for now we have 5 precious jars which will be given proudly to a few people and of course some kept for ourselves.

R in fact made a delicious meal with the honey last night where he smashed up some cashews mixed them with the honey fried it all with some salmon and then baked it. Well I think that is what he did, I was busy sitting at the table knitting and enjoying the delicious smells coming from the stove. Whatever it was it was delicious, he got extra marks for supper last night.

lots of love

p.s. your cranford mitts are boooooooo-ti-fal. I was looking at them again today and am quite amazed at how awesome your knitting is. So neat and well defined. 


  1. Amazing photographs, well done on your honey harvest - looks delicious!

  2. Lovely blog you have here! Yummy honey - I'd love to keep bees but am not brave enough as I swell up like a pumpkin if I get stung.
    Very much admiring the mitts in you last post too.

  3. That honeycomb looks gorgeous...I'm imagining crumpets or toast now- although the cashews & salmon sound good too...Enjoy your harvest!


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