A Hibiscus Transformation

Dear Laura,
I have had a couple of weeks off the DIY and managed to get myself to some markets and do some knitting and some sewing. It is lovely to be able to bimble around again. Last week at eastern market I found this dress.
(what a beautiful tent)
I love hibiscus, such a showy and bright and cheery flower, and the colours were good and bright and autumnal. The dress was ridiculously large as always. Ever since I was a child (well teenager, my mum wasn't setting me on the sewing machine at 5 or anything) I realised that I could alter clothes I like to fit me. So I snapped the dress up.
 (I love that this might have come from Honolulu)

And here is my transformation. It didn't need a lot, I changed its length to knee length put in two darts at the back, this is good to make me look like I have a waist. I tightened two of the darts at the front, then just pulled it in at the sides. Viola!

I am so pleased with it. The weather has turned to autumn, the air conditioning is off, light coats are being worn outside, so this will be perfect over jeans on bright sunny autumnal days. I think it will become a mainstay in my wardrobe, I like it so much that just after I had finished it last night I wore it out to dinner.

Lots of love


p.s. You will notice the Laura has been very clever and changed the heading and managed to put a link to both of our Twitter accounts. So if you would like to hear us rambling some more about our crafty endeavours, you can follow us on Twitter. Her IT skills it seems know no bounds, thanks Laura.


  1. Ohmegosh what a fab find! I love it!
    The hibiscus flower is soooo pretty. And clever you to have transformed it.
    I frequently see dresses in charity shops which are in bigger sizes- I often wish I was a bit more clued up with a sewing machine!
    Well done you.
    Would also look great with thick tights, a pair of boots and a crardi too, methinks.
    Have a great week.

  2. it looks so beautiful, love the colours and how clever are you? i am sure if i altered it it wouldn't look quite the same!
    perfect colours for autumn too
    love jooles x

  3. Love the Transformation. And the new look banner. Well done both! Cx

  4. The dress is a beautiful transformation and you look just wonderful!

    I must say I am also drawn to those alluring bookshelves next to you. Could I come 'round please for tea? ;-)

    I have been visiting your blog over the past days and it has been a real treat.


  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I love the idea of wearing it with thick tights boots and a cardy. I will go out and find said items immediately. Can't wait for the weekend when I can wear it again.


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Annie and Laura x

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