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Dear Annie,

Since my last post, my knitting has picked up speed, not least thanks to all the kindly encouraging comments- thank you, everyone! I've now cast off the first Cranford Mitt.

So far, during this project, I have learnt that:

:: lace knitting isn't as hard as I thought, but it does require concentration

:: it's hard to concentrate when you're watching late-night Danish thrillers with subtitles to read (note to self, no more knitting during Forbrydelsen)

:: my daytime knitting is infinitely faster than my evening knitting (hooray for moments when the boy is at preschool and the baby naps)

:: there are kind people on Ravelry who will explain how to knit a tricky thumb gusset so that I can understand (thank you, 'snailHannah!')

:: when you knit something from leftover stash yarn, it really does feel like you are making something from nothing

I'm off to cast on the second mitt whilst I'm still enthused- must try to avoid second mitt syndrome...

How have you got on?

Love from,



  1. Second Mitt Syndrome! Thanks for providing me with a name for that state in which I often find myself. Your first mitt is beautiful, I hope you do stay motivated for the second :)


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