The Great Untamed Octopus

Dear Laura,

The first time I knitted on 4 needles, I was trying to make a pair of socks for R. They were so fiddly and I always felt like I was wrestling an octopus. I managed to complete one sock, with a couple of errors that still need fixing. The main one being that it was too small for Rs foot but strangely fit mine perfectly. So that was my one and only attempt at this careful delicate complicated knitting malarkey. 
(I joined the toe on the wrong side so the seam is facing up)
 (the wool broke and some of the stitches on the sole slipped)
Luckily this was nearly two years ago, the memory fades, and when you suggested getting involved in the Cranford knit a long I was all excited and ready to go. 
The first part was easy, well I again wrestled the needles and had to find my knitting fingers but garter stitch (which I guessed was just purl from the pictures) all the way round for 8 rows, easy peasy, confidence booming I was practically yelling "come on then give me something hard to tackle". And so the pattern did. This is the first pattern I have ever followed, and man is it hard. Luckily the internet is a great resource for both finding out what "yo" and "passo" actually mean as well as having public tantrums on twitter when the whole thing went wrong and I had to reknit the majority. Luckily public tantrums on twitter usually end with some lovely supportive comments for other knitters.
And so there it is so far, octopus tamed and rhythm almost found. The first 8 rows of the lacy patterny bit are pretty rough and there are more than a couple of mistakes and it doesn't look nearly as pretty as yours. But it is coming along and I am feeling very pleased with myself, not only have I cracked knitting code (stupid patterns) but I have also managed to do some fairly complicated knitting. 

The confidence is back and I am planning all sorts of knitted christmas gifts this year. I should finish the second sock and the second mitt first though perhaps.

Lots of love



  1. Please don't hate me for saying this but garter stitch when knit in the round is one round knit and then the next purled and then these two rows are repeated. This equals the same effect as garter stitch when created flat, which where every row is knit. Garter stitch is nice and flat aswell as stretchy which is why it is often used on the edges of knitting to stop curling. I'm only telling you this for future reference, please don't start again!!!

  2. Opps thanks for telling me. I am an expert in fixing knitting luckily. Due to having no patience! I will backwards knit the bottom to make it right. I thought it looked a bit wrong!

  3. ohh i wish i could make some lovely socks, but i really wouldnt know where to start, well done you though x

  4. Wow! you're really making progress! It looks lovely!


  5. They look lovely! I have looked at this pattern before, but decided that it was maybe a bit complicated for me. I love knitting plain and ordinary socks though.

    Pomona x

  6. thank you all. I have just had a major rethink and unwound it all, then restarted got to number three of the pattern, lost concentration and had a big big tantrum, so Pomona the pattern really isn't that hard but don't lose concentration or get distracted because getting back on track, wow that is really really hard! plus I am really liking the idea of socks, next stop sock ville.


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