Garden Rejuvination

Dear Laura,

Sorry for the rather spotty correspondence of late, life took over and there was no time for fun, boo. But then came the bank holiday HOORAH! the bank holiday marking the end of summer. Well that seemed like a fine time to me to re do the garden.

The summer veg had been, eaten by the squirrels (bar two cherries and a fig) and gone. it was time to clean up and think of the bees. We put some lovely new plants in all purples and pinks and yellows, yippee, and neatened the beds.

Of course there was one final addition, no bees until spring but, shhh don't tell anyone, I am actually looking forward to watching their too-ing and fro-ing from the kitchen window. 

I rewarded my hard work with some home brewed beer from Ryan, thanks Ryan, delicious as always. Drunk at room temperature just as we Brits like it!

And as with all bank holidays by mid afternoon the rain had set in so I retired for some knitting, but more about my knitting tantrums some other time.

Bye bye summer, hello autumn 

Lots of love



  1. Wowzers- bees?! How exciting!! Love your pretty beds xx

  2. Are you getting bees?! Can't wait to hear how it goes. This kind of gardening is so satisfying isn't it?! X

  3. Like the garden clear-up. The beer sounded good too...


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