Cranfords completed

Dear Annie,

They're finished, hooray! Like you, I did my fair share of unknitting, as well as muttered under-the-breath swearing... but I cracked it in the end. Actually, once I got my head around it, and learnt to only knit when awake and able to concentrate, the pattern didn't feel too tricky. It's certainly a lovely, quick stash-busting knit. I've really enjoyed the Knit Along and I'm impressed that I managed to finish them in twenty days- pretty speedy for me!

I persuaded D to take some photos for me before he left for work- hence the bed-head!

I'm very tempted to keep them as the perfect Autumn warmer but they're destined to be a present for a dear friend who moved away last week.

I'm looking forward to seeing your finished articles.

Love from


Edited to add: pattern details on my Ravelry page


  1. Just gorgeous, I'm sure your friend will love them

  2. They're beautiful, and it is very public spirited of you to give them away!

    Pomona x

  3. ooh they are gorgeous. one day I will be upto complicated patterns......

  4. they are ever so lovely - what a lucky friend you have x

  5. Beautifully made...and complicated enough for me to just look and coo... maybe one day when I knit at times when I am not about to fall asleep.. your friend is very lucky! :)x

  6. OOooh they're gorgeous! Love the name, don't think my knitting skills quite extend to this project yet!

  7. Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone- I really appreciate it! For the record, I'm not sure I could have managed them (or not the thumb gusset, at least!) without the helpful knitters on the Ravelry knit-along forum. Laura x

  8. How lovely are they! Your friend is a lucky duck. C.x

  9. Keep them, keep them, you are way too generous and I applaud you for it! GORGEOUS.

  10. They are incredibly beautiful. Watch out though as you will now be inundated with requests!

  11. Fabulous. They are really pretty.


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