Cranford Mitts FINISHED!

Dear Laura,

Look look up there, look what I did! I am bursting with excitement. Being the youngest of four I have always tried to keep up with people who are much more advanced than me. Not only that but I also have that self delusional belief that if they can do it surely I can too. Often I am proved wrong. Sometimes I am proved right. 

I felt rather like that with this knit a long. You sent me the idea and I blindly agreed, knowing full well you are a much better knitter than me and that my mastery of the craft was most certainly limited. I do enjoy knitting though and I think that is key. So off you went and along I came nipping at your heels desperate to keep up. It certainly gave me comfort that you also struggled with the pattern and occasionally also had to unravel all that precious knitting, and here I am, I made it and before October too. They are definitely not as well made as yours, there are a few holes here and there that might not be quite according to the pattern and the tension is all over the place. Here is my satisfied face all the same.

I finished on Wednesday just as the weather turned warmer again. It is a little warm for the mitts but I love them so much that I took them to work with me everyday and just put them on my desk to admire occasionally. And today when I went to get coffee, the lady there asked me if it was cold outside because I was wearing my mitts. I wanted to shout out, "no I just made these aren't they awesome, don't you love them, aren't I just the cleverest". But instead I made an excuse as to not being sure when I left the house as to whether it was cold or warm outside looked at my mitts and smiled to myself. 

So thank you for introducing me to the knit a long, you might have created a monster as now I have dreams of socks, lacey scarves and fair isle patterns. I am very proud of myself but I am not nearly as generous as you are, I will be keeping them for myself jealously guarding them from harm.

Lots of love


p.s. if you would like to see the progress and pitfalls of our Cranford knitting adventures you can click here "the great untamed Octopus" and here "RAAAAHHHHHH" for Annie's progress and here "one row forward... two rows back" and here "half way" and here "cranfords completed" for Laura's progress.


  1. Oh, these are just lovely. I would be accosting people on the bus to show them if I'd knit those and generally behaving like a mad woman so you are being very modest and restrained. Well done! C.x

  2. They're lovely too, well done.

  3. Very lovely.
    A well-deserved smug face, I reckon.

  4. You are, indeed, the cleverest!


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