Dear Annie,

Just as you are queen of the gadgets, so too are you queen of the gadget cosy. I've been much slower on the uptake and have always had a properly old-school phone, but this month my contract upgraded to a fancy smartphone. Can you see it, peeping out at the top there? Needless to say, I am very excited and of course the first two words that flashed through my mind were gadget and cosy.

I haven't made one before and initially, I thought that I would use my Mollie Makes free gift kit, which was for an appliqu├ęd linen cosy. Linen brought to mind the lovely things over at Poshyarns made from linen and Liberty tana lawn. This, in turn reminded me of my gorgeous scrap of tana lawn that I showed you in this post. I thought about lining the linen cosy with the tana lawn, but it was just too pretty to hide away so I decided to line in with some linen instead! 

Pleasingly, this project was made entirely of scraps from other projects. As you know, the Liberty fabric was from my mother-in-law's scrap bag.The linen was leftover from the cushions and the blue bias strip at the top was leftover from S's bag. Even the cotton batting that I used to pad it was an offcut from my quilt.

Once again, I followed a pattern from here. My favourite things about it are the little fabric tabs on the end of the cord- such a sweet detail! Hopefully my phone will now be safe and sound, and the fabric will always make me smile.

Love from,



  1. So very cute! I like the tails too!

  2. This fabric is scrumptious...my phone is also up for renewal on 3rd Oct... It has been a long time coming as when I originally read the contract I thought it was LAST October.. it's been a long year waiting! I shall celebrate with a phone cosy thank you for the link :)x

  3. Gosh, how lovely! That's such a bright happy fabric. Enjoy your new gadget. C.x

  4. Very beautiful- I like the matching tags.


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