Quilting Time

Dear Laura,

A new little girl has recently been born into this world and there is nothing better than making presents for new arrivals. Unfortunately I am quite behind on the actual making of this one as she has already arrived. However I am sure she won't mind me being a little late. I was inspired by the beautiful quilt you made here and although I was tempted to out right copy it I restrained myself and have chosen a slightly different design. The predominant colour is purple because I know her mother is quite fond of that colour.

There is plenty to go yet, I am just pinning...
And Ironing! (note to self, plastic headed pins melt when ironed)
And attempting to sew...

I have discovered that if you iron your seams before sewing them and then lay them next to each other, you can see if they will fit properly and therefore the material will lie smoothly once it is sewn. Something I am sure everyone else already knew, but it was one of those Eureka moments for me, I had already unpicked twice! 

Once I am over this large hurdle of sewing all the squares together smoothly I think it is going to be easier although there is still plenty to do. 

Lots of love



  1. You've chosen some lovely fabrics there. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. I've started my first solo patchwork quilt, but it'll be hand sewn so is going to take a long time...

  2. I think this might have been a bit quicker hand sewn, there has been rather a lot of unpicking! good luck with the quilt, can't wait to see the end results.


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