The One Week Dress

Dear Laura,
It has be an extra fun week for me as well, whilst you were holidaying in the lovely France, I was holidaying in the lovely England. And what a treat England had in store for me, sunshine and warm weather, it was enough to turn a girls head from the delights of a guaranteed summer over here in the US to the wonderful and beautiful place that England is when the sun shines.  Wild flowers dotting the hedge rows, hazy mornings as the sun rose over the golden wheat fields. It reminded me of my childhood summers, when the warm air welcomed you outside with a gentle hug. 

The main purpose of my trip, other than to fit in a quick stop to see you, was the wedding of two very dear friends. As I mentioned in this post, I had decided to make my dress in rather a short time frame, a week! I updated you on the progress here and you will be happy to know that I did, in fact, manage to finish. Although there were rummors that I was hemming the bottom of the dress in the hair dressers as the bride was being beautified.
And so here it is the dress, it is very simple and was made in two pieces in the end. There were very few scraps from the rather small amount of material I had given myself. I put the zip in the side and was very proud of myself for managing to sew in an invisible zip, this is surprisingly easy if you do it by hand. The thing I like the most about this dress is that I can wear it again and again. Initially I was skeptical about the length of the skirt, I thought it was a bit short, however, now I think it is just long enough to be ok. 

(The invisible zipper!)

(I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers grown by the grooms mum)
The wedding was stunning, a village wedding with bunting and cake, champagne and flowers. It felt Hardyesque (the one good bit in a Hardy book where everyone is happy, not the rest where they are all doomed to tragedy). The steeple of the village church rose from the fields and hedge rows pointing us towards the wedding. From the ceremony we walked on a well trodden path over the fields to the reception hall, flowers and ribbons guiding our way.  There was plenty of laughter and dancing and catching up with old friends. 

So to Mrs L and Mr T, thanks so much for a truly awesome day you are a fabulous couple and to Lu and Ksenia, thanks for all the photos.

Lots of love



  1. Absolutely gorgeous dress!

  2. The dress is STUNNING and you look absolutely fab! I am so impressed with the invisible zip too. Xxx

  3. What a charming wedding! Love the pix!

  4. you look lovely in the dress, and the wedding looks fab! that cake xxxx

  5. Ahh, what a lovely post! And it was great to see you:)

  6. I've just been transported here from admiring your lovely hibiscus dress on Burdastyle. This dress is truly beautiful also. So glad the weather held out for you... its not always obliging for weddings! And I have to say, that cake looks amazing too!


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