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Dear Annie,

We have just returned from a week's family holiday in France. Patisserie treats have been eaten, aperitifs have been drunk and thanks to the magic of grandparents, some child-free time has been had by both D and I (thanks, Mum!). Naturally, I had brought along my knitting. It was the first time since baby R arrived that I have had the luxury of so much knitting time and I really made the most of it.

I'm making Ysolda's Veylas using the yarn I bought at Knit Nation. I have never followed a chart before, and so a good deal of concentration was required (along with lots of row-counting and a little under-the-breath swearing). Luckily the lacy cuff is followed by my favourite sort of knitting: in the round. I found it very soothing and meditative and I'd forgotten just how marvellous it is to abandon yourself to knitting for a few hours. Not quite a finished object yet, but I'm thrilled with how they're turning out.

Oh, and with knitting in mind, when I came across these elegant French vintage needles, how could I resist? 

Love from,


PS: Details of the pattern, yarn etc. are on my Ravelry page


  1. Beautiful.
    Wish I could knit!- will have to stick to crochet.

  2. they look so beautiful, the yarn looks just lovely to knit with & my favourite colour {& you can't really beat that scenery!}

  3. Yes, they're really beautiful! The first photo you took looks impressive! Love your needles too, they're also gorgeous!


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