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Dear Annie and Laura,

I got addicted to knitting because of the ducks. One day a little fury hat appeared on my little rubber Russian ducky head – well, as we all know all Russians wear fury hats at all times, so Russian ducky was not quite Russian without one.

I thought – what a great idea, a hat for a duck, and decided to make one myself for another very important duck – Peter the Duck - who was about to move to Washington, where winters are cold and winds are strong (I think). I was walking through the streets of Nottingham one day wondering what sort of hat can I make for Peter and there I found an inspiration! An Oxfam bookshop was selling a knitting kit for hats! I wasn’t sure at first, as I haven’t knitted since my primary school days when I had a go at scarf knitting (but my teacher said that my scarf so very ugly so even the dog wouldn’t wear it, so I gave up pretty fast), but then I decided to try again. And so the next day Peter became an owner of a hat and a scarf (his head is a bit small, so there was enough wool for both!).

What’s more important, I discovered that knitting makes me sit still while doing some other things like listening to audiobooks or even watching (well listening to) telly! And so my evenings were sorted from then onwards! In a matter of four months a few of my friends got boring plain scarfs.

And then I felt that I can do cables (with a little hint from my friend who gave me little needles, those you use for making cables). And so I did my first cable (those around could hear a couple of curses, but I figured it out eventually!). And then a few of my friends got scarfs with cables (but I don’t have a picture of them!).

Moreover, I must’ve been really nice last year, because Santa brought me a bag full of knitting goodies for Xmas – or he has probably seen me enquiring T’s mum on how to knit socks.

Then the spring came and noone needed scarfs (or socks for that matter) anymore. I wasn’t sure what to knit next but then a friend of mine came around for tea with a big bag full of crochet flowers – just like Annie’s ones! She showed me how to make them – and yes, my evenings became busy again!

I was very proud of my new cusion cover, but all the rest of my cusions didn’t look as nice any more, so I decided to knit them as well!

When I was just about to think what else I could knit, a wonderful present came – a book called Knit, Purl, Save the World. I am always ready to save the world, so again there I was ready for a challenge! The first challenge was a baby sack for a friend of mine’s baby. It was fairly easy (and fast!) to knit (oh its so so tiny small!) though I suffered with little pattern in front, but YouTube came handy and in a couple of hours I knew how to slip-slip-knit, do yarn over and all these other multilettered abbriviationed didn’t scare me any more!

And that’s when I decided to try something superdifficult – lacy scarf (and gloves)! It was a birthday present for a friend of mine (that’s her on the picture (and the pictures is hers as well!) and I wanted it to be perfect, so it took me very very long time, but I got there in the end!

I know someone else who liked this scarf and, well, she might get it for Xmas J (the plan was to make it a birthday present, but you don’t need a scarf in summer Annie, do you?).

Once the scarf is ready, my next challenge will be kntting multicoloured patters. And who knows, I might even knit a jumper one day!

Lots of love,


  1. Oh what a beautiful story!!
    Hello Peter, you look well snuggly in those hat and scarf <3
    I lllooove the look of that scarf you are making. Very sophisticated.

  2. That's me!!! And those are my more than perfect scarf and gloves! Love them, and love the girl who made it!


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