Goodies From Home

Dear Laura,

As you know, I recently got back from the UK and in a packed suitcase a couple of goodies came back with me too! In this post we talked about the vintage market in bath that we went too, well I couldn't resist and bought this beautiful sewing bag.

 There is a little bit of damage on the back but i think that adds character and there is this lovely lining and pocket on the inside.

I love it so much and can't wait to start using it. I also came home with another couple of treats... 

Runner bean chutney from the lady in the market. My my this is so delicious, on some bread with a piece of cheese, it is heavenly. At christmas there is a rush on her stall from all the people returning to devon to spend the holidays with their families, hoping to take a little of the goodness back to the cities they came from.

And my mummy's finest marmalade, don't let the jar fool you, this substance isn't sweet jam, it is sharp sweet oranges with lots of good large chunks. just right for a piece of toast and a cup of tea.

Lots of love



  1. Mmmmm. Runner bean chutney!

  2. Yes indeed and its a big jar, not one of those small jars, this one is a monster.

  3. I need to find a recipe for runner bean chutney - it's one of the only types I'm yet to make and as I'm growing a glut of runner beans in the garden this year I think a chutney would be fitting. I so want that sewing bag too. Pity I can't sew.

  4. Oh this is the most delicious chutney, I hope that you manage to find a recipe.

    The bag is gorgeous isn't it, perhaps if you found one it could be an excuse to start sewing...

  5. Wow, I've never heard of runner bean chutney before, I'm curious if we can find any in the U.S. Your sewing bag is adorable and I like that it illustrates the items that would be stored inside!

  6. Yes I like a literal bag, helps to distinguish it from all the others. I am not sure if runner bean chutney exists in the US but if you find some please let me know it is delicious.


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