First Taste of Honey

Dear Laura,

It has been a little while since I spoke to you about the bees. You might remember that we got bees back in April, I wrote about the installation here. Well it takes a little while for them to settle in and we have had alsorts of excitement since then, new queens, varroa mites scares (see here for the havoc these little beast are wreaking), hive beetles, wasp attacks, thriving colonies, struggling colonies. On Saturday we went up to the roof and had a good inspection and so I thought I would introduce you to them properly.

Inspecting a frame of the thriving first hive, I would direct your attention to the bee heading directly at the camera

Smoking the bees to keep them calm

This is the queen excluder, all honey above this grating is honey for us, yippeee

So at this point I should tell you that R wears the bee suit and the hat. I wear shorts and tee shirt. which means that i hide behind the chimney pots and every time a bee whizzes past me I do a little jump and squeal. The bees are very mild even though occasionally I move to a more fatalistic thought process and imagine the bees all landing on me at once.

I love them though they are infinitely fascinating and just sitting watching the hives gives me hours of pleasure. This time we were so lucky as there was some  extra comb and honey and we got out first taste of honey.

So it doesn't look terribly appetizing due to the squished comb and other bits in there but the honey tasted delicious! 

Lots of Love



  1. How wonderful that you have your own bees and what fabulous images - especially the ones of bees in mid air! That honey looks wonderful.

  2. oh yes, I was really lucky, the light was perfect and the camera was picking up the bees really well! I can't wait until we get the main haul of honey.

  3. Urban bees - how cool is that! C.x


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