Dear Laura,

I am not going to write about crafty stuff today for two reasons, the first is that I have been working so much lately that the sewing etc. has been put on hold and the second is because we have just had an earthquake. AN EARTHQUAKE in DC. I am not in california, I was not expecting this. (There is a good video on the BBC news website www.bbc.co.uk, I was literally about 20m from where this video was taken)

We had just got back from lunch and were having a meeting in the office when the shaking started. Dumbfounded we all looked at each other, it was a gentle rocking rather like being on the metro. Confused at first I thought to myself that the white house was being attacked, I am just around the corner on the 10th floor of a high rise. The shaking calmed a bit and we all got up and walked into the main office questioning and confirming with each other that what we had just experienced was an earth quake. 

Then the big shake began, I don't remember any noise but I distinctly remember feeling like the building I was standing in had just turned to jelly, a kind of jerky jelly. And then I thought to myself, what am I supposed to do, I vaguely remembered something about standing in a doorway so I kind of tentatively did that hoping the shaking would stop and not intensify anymore. 

Once the main rocking had stopped someone shouted get out. Still in shock I didn't think twice and headed straight for the stairs still clinging to the pen I had been holding since it started. There we were met by people streaming out of the office into the beautiful summer day, there on the streets of DC were shirts and suits and ties and a whole heap of bewildered people.

I always wondered how I would feel in an earthquake and now I know, frightened, solid things feel like liquid. America is a wild world, there are animals that can kill you, weather than rips apart towns and an earth that shakes. Sometimes I dream of hills, sheep, basking sharks and the British adder. 

Due to the everything being disrupted I walked home. It really was a very beautiful afternoon.

There was a heavy police presence around the capitol building and lots of people evacuated on to the streets 

When I got home I surveyed the damage

I think we'll be ok.

Lots of love



  1. Was wondering how you were doing. So glad you're okay. Cx

  2. glad you are ok, scary.......


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