brocante {part two}

Dear Annie,

When we visit France, we always make a trip to a tabac to buy a little orange book-Calendrier des brocantes et vide greniers. In this book is a list of every single local brocante event throughout the year: antiques fairs, flea markets and the French equivalent of the British car boot sale- vide-greniers (it means 'empty your attic'). The same list can be found online here.

We located a local vide-grenier, held on the banks of a river. I was far too busy rummaging to take any photos whilst we were there, but here are some pictures of my finds...

Nothing cost more than a couple of Euros- certainly cheaper than the price of a coffee, and so much more fun! My favourites are the flower paintings- original oils in pretty gold frames. That's my idea of a pleasing holiday souvenir.

Love from,


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