brocante {part one}

Dear Annie,

When I am in France and I see a sign that says 'Brocante', I do a little joyful jig. It means second-hand goods, sometimes antiques or -if you're lucky- a junk shop. In a small town called Mayenne, there is a particularly glorious one, filled with all manner of lovely things at oh-so tempting prices.
This little beauty was hidden away in a corner of the shop, under a pile of china, covering a chair:
It was love at first sight...

I ♥ that it's woollen, not acrylic.
I ♥ the muted colours.
I ♥ that the squares are crocheted together.
I ♥ that it cost me next to nothing
...and most of all I ♥ that someone put a lot of time and love into making it, and now it's been rescued from its dusty corner and can be loved once more.

Love from,



  1. what a gem, looks in great condition too! what a lucky find,

  2. That shop looks a good one to rummage in! Blanket looks beautiful - I'm the same as you, I love buying something knowing that someone has put so much care into it. The colours are lovely! x

  3. what a great find, we have just returned from France but didn't find anything quite so gorgeous!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful blanket - I never knew the French were into such things - or maybe they are not, and that is why you struck so lucky? IT must have made your holiday to find such a lovely thing.

    Pomona x


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