Birds on a Dress Take Two

Dear Laura,

A while back I made a dress for my niece you can read about it here .Well it turns out that she grows! can you imagine such a thing. The dress was pretty small to start with but did just about fit when she was really little.
Hello lovely lady!

So I recently picked up the dress and redid it a little to make it a little longer lasting.

First I picked it apart, the dress was too narrow, I think babies are more round than I first thought, so there was some widening of the central column.
 Extra pieces were added to the side, the last of the scraps I had left!

 It was all sewn together again and then rejigged so that the dress can come apart completely. So no problems with big heads or arm holes or anything like that.

Below is Bear modelling the dress, he is the closest I could find to a baby in the house. He doesn't look terribly dignified but he did a good job of modelling the dress all the same.

Lots of love



  1. Oh how sweet, such a lovely dress made from beautiful fabric too!
    You are very clever to be able to alter it like that- I wish my sewing skills were a little more advanced!
    And your Teddy is a fabulous mode!

  2. What an utterly lovely dress... the fabric is gorgeous x

  3. Just as beautiful second time round. Cx

  4. Thanks everyone, I don't think poor teddy will do any more modelling, I am not sure he is really baby size anyway. The fabric is ace isn't it, I really wanted to get some more to make a dress for myself but it had all gone by the time I got back to the store.

  5. I love the dress! And so does your niece, I'm sure. If they ever get the fabric back in, consider making one my size too? cxxx


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