And So We Wait

Dear Laura,

I am sorry to go on about the weather but I am British and we are having a weird old week. Today we are waiting for hurricane Irene, if you watch the news it is apparently the end of days. If you are a little less inclined to believe impending doom stories it is going to be a nasty storm. At least with the earthquake we didn't know it was coming, so all the anticipation was lost, we felt it, it stopped we discussed it endlessly afterwards but the danger was gone. Now we have had endless warnings and the stores are predictably running out of supplies as people panic. But still we wait. 

The storm is here, or at least a light breeze and grey clouds have arrived over head and I am watching out of the window waiting and wondering what tonight has in store. R is out fixing bits of the fence that might come loose and tying up the little trees. The bees are secured and still we wait.
I am working this weekend (booooo) so I have some distraction, the desk I work on is also my craft area/desk. So I see all the lovely fabric and wool and bits and bobs as I work which unfortunately will have to wait. 
I am charging everything I can just in case of power outage and sealing up the windows, we haven't gone and got our free sandbags but we are on a hill so I am sure it will be fine. Every few minutes I am glancing out of the window just to see if Irene has arrived yet. But it seems I am just going to have to wait. 

Lots of Love


Updated Sunday Morning: Seems the anticipation was worse than the storm here. Lots of loose leaves and plenty of howling wind and rain but everything else appears to be fine. 


  1. I hope that Irene just passes you by and your home remains intact.

    We are just weirded out by the strange bright sun followed by thunder, followed by torrential rain all in the space of half an hour in the UK. Normally it takes a whole afternoon to get three seasons worth of weather.

  2. take care, hope she passes right on by xxx

  3. Hopefully it'll be a storm in a teacup :) btw I love your garden!

  4. I hope you are well and Irene comes and leave quietly and leaves you all intact. I love the craft/work area. I would not get any work done at all!

  5. Stay safe and let us know you are ok after the worst of the hurricane has gone. 2011 has definitely had more than it's fair share of natural disasters, that's for sure. x

  6. Hi all thanks for your concern, so far we just have rain rain and rain just like a typical British day. Will update tomorrow once the storm has passed.

  7. hopefully my hubbys aunt lives in NJ so lets hope it all fizzles out be it gets to you both x


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