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Dear Annie,

This weekend, when I miraculously found myself with an hours sewing time, I needed to make something that was destined to be useful, but oh so very dull. A plastic bag holder. Now, I feel that I should point out that I am eco-aware, and when it comes to plastic bags, I do my very best to avoid them, carrying my re-useable bags, or more often than not slinging shopping into the buggy. They are insidious things, though, and one or two always seem to sneak in somehow. Not to worry, I use them to line the smaller bins, but I really did need somewhere neat to store them.

I found this tutorial and from my stash I pulled out some navy gingham, some lovely Heather Bailey Wallpaper Roses fabric, and - for the hanging loop- my vintage ribbon with the turquoise roses. I was slightly hesitant to use such  lovely fabric for such a pedestrian project, but then I decided that I would see it every day, and perhaps even the dullest objects deserve a little beauty.

Every time I see those lovely roses, it makes me smile, and feel glad that they are no longer languishing in my stash. I was so taken with the fabric combination that I whipped myself up a sunglasses case too.

Perhaps some things can be useful and beautiful.

Love from,


PS: A very happy birthday to you, my lovely. I hope that you had a fabulous day. xx


  1. Hello ! It is a great way to keep all the bags in a safe place, to pull out just when you need one. You made a very nice item. Some time ago I bought a pattern and I have made a cow, to hold all my bags. You can see her here : http://breienenhaken.blogspot.com/2010/11/mad-cow.html She is lovely :the more bags, the bigger her tummy. If you have too many bags, you can cut them up and use to crochet. There are great patterns on the internet too !
    Greetings, Rozemie

  2. A work of art for your kitchen - lovely! Colour combination is gorgeous

  3. i love these colours together {& always love navy gingham!} there is something to be said for using lovely fabrics for everyday things, i love the idea that they get used & seen everyday, i need to pick something out from my stash to make a new peg bag, just can't deicide which though!

  4. It's lovely, beautiful fabric choices too and altogether much more desirable than a scrotty old supermarket bag filled with yet more. Love that vintage ribbon too.

  5. I've been planning to make one too for soooo long. You've inspired me to get on with it.
    I love gorgeous fabrics for everyday stuff, it cheers up the chores - my peg bag is a Liberty fabric and lined in silk, very fancy pants but always makes me smile. x

  6. Great colour combo and I fully approve of trying to have everything beautiful around the house - I spend a lot of time in it, so why not make pedestrian chores more interesting?


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