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Dear Annie,

Twitter was a complete mystery to me until you suggested that we join. I'm still learning and I certainly wouldn't want to attempt to explain its intricacies to anyone who has never used it - I found these tips invaluable when I was finding my way around. One thing that I do like is #thriftbreak (follow the link for an explanation of hash tags!) . Thrift Break is where people share details of their latest thrifty finds, often accompanied by photos. I love having a nose at what people have unearthed, I love that people are sometimes interested in my own second-hand hauls and most of all, I love the concept of stopping for a 'thrift break'. Who needs a cup of tea when you can be searching out teacups!

The English student in me (searching for layers of meaning even with just two words) enjoys the fact that #thriftbreak could also be interpreted as breaking thrift news (love that concept), and that if you're nowhere near a junk shop, you can still have a thrift break by reading about other peoples adventures in thrift. (Yes, I really have thought about it far too much!)

I'm almost always accompanied on my own thrift breaks by my two small assistants. The disadvantage of this is that I can never give the thrifting my full attention. The advantage is that it's amazing what you can fit into/onto/under a buggy- even small items of furniture get lugged home that way.

These are some of my finds from the last couple of weeks. My favourite was the picture frame, which cost just one pound from the car boot sale. D despairs of me, I think, but as the whole lot cost less than fifteen pounds in total, he really can't complain- it's preferable to an expensive shoe habit, after all!

My favourite part of it all is the element of mystery... who knows what the next thrift break will bring!?

Love from,



  1. Lush finds!
    I am sooo addicted to thrifty shoppping, too.
    My Mister keeps asking how many skirts i need to buy.. he just doesn't get it! (Espesh when they only cost 3 quid a go ...)
    LOVE that pink bedside (?) table So cute.xx

  2. Hi there, I just found you via #thriftbreak! I've always taken photos of items at thrift stores anyways so it's fun to have a forum to share these pictures in real time.

    Count me as a new follower of your blog, I especially enjoy seeing what people unearth in other countries. I'm digging your knitting bag and the little wicker nightstand (?).


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