Three Wishes

Dear Laura,

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, work overtook my life and left me with no time for any crafting activities. On the plus side I have been promoted at work so I hope it was all worth while. Whilst this craziness was occurring I have been looking at all the beautiful things out there that I want and so rather than finished crafting projects (or even started crafting projects) I will show you three lovely things that  I want to start on now...

I was browsing through twitter and saw Mollie Makes has a competition to win these stunning Moroccan cushions. I am a little confused as to the origins of the cushions, but they are designed by Jacqui Pearce and featured in CrossStitcher (a new and very exciting find) I entered, but I haven't won a competition since guess the number of sweets in the jar at primary school, those jelly beans were good though. You can enter too, the competition closes on 17th July.

Seeing as how I feel my winning chances are slim, and how I really really want to learn to cross stitch I am going to put this into my projects I want to get started right away category. What do you think they fill these cushions with, the only thing I can think of is horse hair (does one fill cushions with horse hair these days, and if so, where on earth would you get it).

Item number 2 comes from Knit Picks Magazine:

This blanket is called Olive's Afghan by Larissa Brown and is on Ravelry. The pattern is in a book called Knit a long by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown, which looks awesome. This blanket sums up summer picnics to me and I'll be ordering my copy of the book so I can knit it up ready for next year.

And wish number three, a while ago I saw some heart stopping material at G-Street fabrics. It was upholstery material and in the bargin bin. I sometimes have these immediate attachements to materials it is hard to explain but they speak to me somehow and I want them in my life to look at them always. Along with this material I have a scarf which I bought for a very similar reason, no project in mind just fantastic colour and pattern that should be in my material stash.

I have wrapped the material around existing cushions on my lovely 1950's chair so that R can get used to them and hopefully one day I will be able to sew it all up and smile inside every time I see it.

Lots of love


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  1. Oooo I love that bargain fabric- so pretty. I would have grabbed it too!


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