Sleep is for Whimps

Dear Laura,

Your blanket it looking fabulous, I am looking forward to you teaching me how to join and block. Here in DC it has been hot hot hot. The heat wave is so intense that it feels like you have put your face in a fire every time you go outside. Now my Britishness usually stops me for ever saying that anything is too hot. but 106'F or around 43'C is actually too hot! Finally I admit it, I surrender and I will stay inside as much as possible. 

So that meant that this weekend, once all chores were done, boring shopping and cleaning, and once the painting commitments were finished I could actually start on my dress. Start, that's right it is getting a little tight, I am flying on Tuesday evening so I only have the rest of tonight and tomorrow evening to finish! yikees! Well I have just finished putting the zip in and realised that it doesn't do up, luckily I had planned for this, so will need a little adjustment then tidying up. (Here are a few videos of my making process. Edited out as they don't seem to work, i'll try to put them in properly tonight.)

And finally a taster of the dress so far.


I am staying up tonight so that all I have to do tomorrow is hem! I think that means I won't sleep until I get on the plane on Tuesday, well sleep is over rated anyway...

lots of love


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  1. I think I would struggle with that heat - anything over 25 and I am prostrate! The dress looks very enticing - lovely fabric.

    Pomona x


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