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Dear Annie,

It's a long time since I mentioned my granny squares crochet blanket! I wrote about the story of our blankets here. We both began our blankets in January, but I think that you've made better progress than me!

I've been distracted by other projects- namely my quilt- and the poor granny squares have languished, unloved. I rather lost enthusiasm for the blanket because it seemed such a huge undertaking. Which is why I decided that the time had come to join some squares.

I tried out a variety of joining techniques and colours, but in the end I opted to join using the technique in this pattern (from an old Rowan magazine that my Mother-in-law kindly lent to me).

I've decided that my best chance of finishing it is to keep it small, so I'm aiming for 8x10 squares, probably with a white border to match the joins. As you can see, I'm not even halfway yet, but I'm feeling inspired to carry on.

As you can probably tell, I'm afraid that I was far too impatient to individually block my squares, so I'm hoping that I can get away with blocking the whole blanket after it's finished (whenever that may be!)

Love from,


PS: Details here on Ravelry.


  1. It's very pretty, gorgeous colours and you know it will be finished just in time for Winter!

  2. Don't give up!!! It is looking gorgeous! I made a similar blanket and got around the sheer enormity of the task ahead by making the squares into panel and then finally crocheting the panels together. This seems to make it go quicker xxx


  3. Lovely colours.
    I must, must get round the making a blanket. Soon. Promise.

  4. hello,

    your Grannys its sooo lovely.

    hugs Conny

  5. You're doing such a grand job, I think it's one of the nicest blankets I've seen. I shall dish out yet more praise to you when you've finished!! Oh and btw I didn't bid for the sewing box in the end, the price was going higher than I hoped, factoring in the £10 postage too .. rats! Thanks again though x

  6. Wow. Gorgeous colours... absolutely love this blanket & very inspiring too! Sarah x


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