High on a Hill

Dear Laura,

Moving to America (cheap electronics) and having my first proper paying job (not having to decide between spending money on food or heating) and a lovely boyf who buys me presents, seems to have increased the amount of gadgets I now own. Which in turn has led to me being able to make lots of lovely gadget cosys. The latest gadget was a present for my birthday. So my favourite bit first choosing the fabric.
Crossing the cascade mountains in Washington, high on a lush plain, boulders the size of cars standing upright in the middle of corn fields flung there by ice ages thousands of years previously, the clouds so low in the sky it felt like I could reach my hand up and touch them, there was a small town, one road, one dinner, absolute quiet and no one on the street. We stopped for lunch and much to my delight the only other place open (except of course from the coffee shack, literally a shack you drive up to in the middle of nowhere and order coffee, and it is really good coffee) was a thrift store. 

There was no stopping me, skipping my heart out I flung the door wide open to reveal a dusty shop where the contents might have been on the shelves for decades, and there in this shop in the mountain plains where the air was thin and the sun shone so brightly was this yellow fabric. I thought I might have actually reached heaven. There wasn't a lot of it, maybe half a yard and there was also a crochet hook (the hook I have been using to make my blanket). I grabbed them from the shelves hoarding them so that no one else might beat me to these goodies and asked the very old lady how much they were. As she said 10 cents I nearly fell over, I looked to R to check that I had heard correctly and searched my pockets for the 10 cents then rushed out of the shop in case she had made a mistake and was going to claim my goodies back.

I have loved the material ever since I saw it and have been dying to use it but just haven't found the right project, but now, now I have exactly the right project. The only problem being what material to line the case with. 

Yes a very recognisable material to some, I had this in pink, yellow and green as bedding as I was growing up. I claimed this pillow case from my parents home some time ago, it is excellent. Again the right project had never presented itself to me, but here it is my new gadget cosy.

Here it is at home with the others, you can read about them here and here.

I think that must be it now, there are no more gadgets in this world surely. I love this case because it has so many memories sewn into it.

Lots of love

p.s. I am so envious of that sewing box you bought. It is awesome.


  1. Oh, how lovely. And none of the drama of my iPad cover! Enjoy your pressie. C.x

  2. Made all the more precious by the way in which you came about the fabric. Lovely makes

  3. If it is any consultation Claire I did unpick it three times and need to unpick once more to add some snaps to the cover!

    Thanks Caroline I love the way everyday things hold memories especially fabric.


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