Happy Birthday America

Dear Laura

I have had a lovely three days of celebrating independence from the British! it all started in Baltimore, the Nottingham of America, with a mound of Maryland crabs covered in old bay seasoning. A good traditional summer meal. Thanks R and S and little O for a lovely evening.

The crabs and corn, brownies and beer were accompanied by a wonderful view over the Baltimore streets.

The next day I was walking down the street in DC and I spotted this...

Andrea over at Apples and Pears had a little bit on her blog recently about Olek who crochets these rather bizarre and awesome items. 

and should you think my crafting has taken rather a back seat of late, I have of a sort been crafting... 

Well crafting / engineering / temporary blind creation, whilst the shutters are being striped and mended.

On Monday evening, the 4th July, we meandered down to the capital building and watched the fantastic fireworks display that takes place over the Washington monument and is televised nationwide.

Lots of love


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  1. What jolly japes! There is a knitted bike in Whitstable - that's about all I can muster up.

    Pomona x


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