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Dear Annie,

This was the charity shop find that I told you about. A sewing box. Isn't it sweet? I'm guessing from the shape that it's 1960s or thereabouts. I saw it in the local charity shop and initially left it there, because I thought it was a little pricey. It kept calling me back, though.

It came complete with treasures- all manner of buttons, a thimble, a row counter, a crochet hook... I love the fact that someone has collected and kept these treasures (over several years- there was a shilling in amongst the buttons) and I'm glad to be able to add them to my own collection.

In the end, I couldn't resist it. The money went to Save the Children (certainly a worthy cause) and the box came home with me, Baby R kindly sharing his buggy with it.

I rather think that it may be destined to be a new home for my collection of quilting fabrics.

Love from, 

PS: I made the loaf cake again: this time with half raspberries, half redcurrants and I used this trick to make the buttermilk. I added orange zest (instead of lemon) and drizzled it with orange icing. Summer cake heaven! Definitely my favourite recipe of the moment.


  1. What a gorgeous piece of furniture. Are you going to transform it or leave as is?

  2. Oh heavens that is one glorious piece of furniture and I am now insanely jealous, even more so that it's filled with all that goodness. I can't believe you left it, you can count your lucky stars I wasn't right behind you. Beautiful!!

    Kate x

  3. what a wonderful find, makes you wonder who it used to belong to...enjoy
    j x

  4. Old sewing tins and boxes are fab- you're right, they are often a bit pricey.
    I recently bought a jar of old buttons and found an old brass metropolitan police button - I love wondering who wore it.

  5. oh what a find! all those duffel toggles, you never see those anymore x

  6. That's just lovely! And that cake - yum!


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