Birthdays and Romper Suits

Dear Laura,

A few days ago as you know I turned a grand old age, of which I couldn't remember until my dad reminded me (it wasn't a big one that I did remember). Your awesome card arrived on the day itself which was the best. I love it so much I am clearly going to copy it and send it to other people. And today even more excitingly, a soggy package was awaiting me at the door and inside was a gorgeous planning book "things to make and do".

oooo it is so pretty and has lovely illustrations inside, this is one of my favourites

I have lots of projects to fill it up with already. I also bought myself a present. I wasn't supposed to, in fact I was dress shopping for L and M's wedding but I got a bit side tracked by this awesome romper suit.

It was just so cool I couldn't resist. Now I have to adjust it a little bit because there is the odd rip, and I am not quite the swelt seventeen year old I used to be. I am very excited by it though. This will be the first project for my new book. So now I am off to find a beach and a cocktail to enjoy my new romper suit fully.

Lots of love


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