Watch Out Ladies

Dear Laura,

Once upon a time I was trying to impress a boy and he was trying to impress me. Now I love giving sewn or knitted presents to people, but it is actually quite hard to think of ideas for boys. Once you have knitted them a scarf the ideas start to dry up. I can't very well give him a tea cosy or an iPhone case, I needed to think manly and then I found this.

Well you can't get much more manly than these fine gentlemen. Shall we have a look inside...

 Er hold on, can we have a closer look at those three dashing men in their summer wear.

Well I have many favourites but these chaps might be top of the list.

As entertaining as this magazine / book is, and it really is, it is also actually quite useful. It shows you how to tie various ties including a bow tie and how to make sure clothes fit. As well as how to sew giant 70s collars and such like. For only 50p (Australia $1.20, New Zealand $1.00, South Africa R1.25) I think this was an absolute bargin. So normally I wouldn't put photos up from a book or magazine, I appreciate how hard people work to get them published in the first place, however, these are over 35 years old, I am fairly sure this magazine is not for sale anymore and I have cited my source. And on that note I'll leave you with this.

Lots of love


  1. hihihih hilarious! :-)

  2. I thought for one blissful moment that these might be instructions aimed at men and boys i.e. to get them into sewing, but I see it is just for making clothes for men and boys. Shame. Nice facial hair all round though.


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