the sea, the sea

Dear Annie,

Today was a sunny day, just perfect for the beach.

Sun, sea and sand. We all went home tired, windswept and happy.

Love from,


Edited to add: I just showed this post to D, and he pointed out that -once again- almost all my photos are of blues and greens. Let's call it inspiration for that future quilt, shall we?


  1. Gorgeous photos and family times X

  2. Busy busy children in the sand. Great pictures. Love the blues and greens, oh and the sea glass is gorgeous! Looks like a perfect day! xoRobin❤

  3. looks great fun!, we were lucky enough to get a couple of sunny beach days on our camping trip - the kids loved it so much! jealous of your sea glass finds too,


  4. We once stayed on the coast near Edinburgh in a cottage beside a tiny bay. I have never seen so much sea glass. We came back with a huge bucketful, even blues and purples. Oh so stupidly, when we moved house four years ago, I let D persuade me to throw it away. Such a mistake! Laura x

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    Gorgeous. I love your knitting! I'm partial to a spot of beach knitting myself.


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