Mugs and Tea Towels

Dear Laura,

Having got back from holiday and finding a mountain of work to get on with I haven't been left with much crafting time. So apart from the odd granny square I haven't been very productive. I do however have an obsession with mugs, and thanks to your introduction to the world of tea towels, also those lovely rectangles of colourful patterny fabric. It happens that on our travels I picked up one or two of said items and would like to show them to you.

A beautiful tea towel courtesy of the V&A.

My fox mug which I love and was designed and maybe made by Lisa Jones studio

And I couldn't very well leave out the National Trust shop now could I. This is the mug from Berrington Hall in Hereford. 

Well I think I should show you them in their new home.

Well as you can spot there is a little bit of Bridgewater here, and Cath Kideston there, good old habitat in the corner as well and my favourite Susie Watson Designs up on the shelf as well as a good assortment of memories and gifts, one offs and love. I love this part of the kitchen the very best.

Well that is enough rummaging in the cupboards and banging on about my holiday and my kitchen obsessions. Next time I will actually show you something I have made, my things to do list is growing ever longer.

Lots of love 


p.s The quilt you made is absolutely stunning. 

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  1. I salute you on your mug collection. I'm rather partial to a mug myself, but my real obsession is with jugs. You can't have too many jugs. Trust me. C.x


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