the kindness of friends

Dear Annie,

A couple of weeks ago, in this post I had a little Blanche DuBois moment, reflecting on the kindness of strangers- or to be more precise, the kindness of bloggers. This week, it's been the kindness of friends that I've been touched by.

My lovely friend A (Mummy to little G and my Godson J) and I are real kindred spirits, and even before we met we lived strange parallel lives for years. One of our many shared interests is seeking out bargains in charity or junk shops. On one of her recent shopping trips, A came across this pretty little blue jug, she said that it reminded her of me and so she sweetly bought it for me. Of course she was right, I love it, and all the more so because it was an unexpected gift.

D's kind parents also thought of me whilst out charity shopping this week, they rang yesterday to say that they had bought me a set of cups and saucers to match my beloved Midwinter mugs. I can't wait to see them! 

The only thing better than finding your own vintage bargains is other people knowing you so well that they can hunt them down on your behalf.

Finally, I mustn't forget the kindness of my husband, look at the beautiful hydrangea bloom that he bought me from the market last week. It's so pretty and striking. (Yes, he has bought me flowers twice in a week -the sweetie! Not the norm, I can assure you, but definitely to be encouraged...)

Wishing you kindness and surprises in your week, too.

Love from,


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